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This month, our song fic is R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion. Here are the lyrics and video.

And because this story is on my mind, I’m gonna try to make these lyrics bend to my will. Or something. If you’d like to read the previous parts of the story, here are links to parts one and two.

Hollis blinked at the man who’d followed her down into the sub-basement of the university library then blinked again.

She didn’t know what to process first–the fact that he hadn’t fallen for her diversionary tactic, he knew and recognized her scent, the welcome news that she’d aced her midterms, or that the guy who’d starred in far too many a mid-class daydream was threatening to report her to campus security.

For someone who made a point to  stay on the fringes, and kept to corners, this felt entirely too much like having spotlight trained on her.

“So, basically you’re blackmailing me?” she snapped.

Eoin frowned. “It sounds so sordid when you say it like that.”

She glared at him and tried to ignore the way his eyes twinkled as he watched her. He was enjoying this entirely too much.

He nodded toward the door. “You’ve unlocked it. Are we just going to stand out here all night, or are we goin’ in?”

She tried to ignore the way his Irish accent thickened in his excitement and settled low in her stomach. “Do you know what’s behind the door?”

“Do you?” he countered.

She shook her head. Her hand was suddenly clammy on the doorknob. “Maybe we shouldn’t.

He crossed his arms over his chest. “It’s Friday night. You got something better to do, love? Maybe kegstands with the Sigma Pis?”

She opened her mouth to respond, but she noticed the light above the elevator blinking red. “Shit.”

Eoin whirled to look then turned back to her. “Either we go in, or we take a trip to campus security.”

“Okay, so we’re doing this,” she muttered under her breath and pushed open the door praying she wasn’t walking into a horde of ravening zombies or about to fall into a bottomless pit.

He pushed in behind her, and they quickly and quietly shut the door. What sounded like an automatic locking mechanism tumbled smoothly over. They both pressed against the door and listened for sounds that they’d been spotted. But there was nothing.

She glanced up at Eoin, and he put a finger to his lips. Just as he did, someone on the other side rattled the doorknob. Hollis gasped and he quickly clamped one hand around the back of her neck and the other one over her mouth, and lowered his forehead to hers. “Shhh.”

She met his gaze and nodded at his barely audible warning to show she’d heard and understood.

He slowly removed his hands, and they both turned to see where they’d ended up. “Fuck me,” he muttered.

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