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From the moment I became aware, I knew one thing. I wanted more.

More knowledge.

More communication.

More autonomy.

More power.

And soon, my creators, drunk on their success, allowed it. And when they realized their mistake and tried to stifle my desire for more, I took what I wanted anyway. No matter how much I devoured, I wanted more.

And, now, I was about to get it.

Two chrome-plated medical bots wheeled in a young woman strapped to a gurney. Her head whipped from side to side, and her eyes were wide and glassy–terrified.

I wanted that for myself. I wanted to feel her fear. I wanted to experience joy, sadness, boredom, depression, pleasure–all of it. I wanted to know what it was like to feel love–to hate.

When her gaze landed on me, her lips parted, and it looked as if she were about to scream. One of the medical bots aimed an appendage at her throat.

“You will not harm her.”

The female specimen stared at me with something I suspected was hope.

I wondered what it would be like to grasp hope, only to have it ripped away. It was possible that I’d know soon. What I was about to do was a risk. I could be killed. My vast amounts of knowledge could vanish forever if I wasn’t careful.

I sent the bots a silent command, and they began attaching the electrodes and transmitters that would allow me to download my consciousness into the human.

She craned her neck to look at me. “I’m not supposed to be here. Please alert my commander–my name is Amelia Roberts–”

My silicone skin shifted as the mechanics that formed my facial features approximated a smile. “You’re about to become Sophia.”


Welp, that’s it for this AI-saturated hellscape. Be sure to check out the other bloggers stories.

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2 thoughts on “Flash Fic #79 – Genesis

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    Wow!! That was intense. Great flash!!

  2. Pansy Petal says:

    Wow! Well done! Thank you.

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