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Hey Everyone!

I’m super excited! I’ve got a new book coming our on April 30th! It’s called Elemental Enchantment and it’s the final story in the Witch Way Trilogy!

Here’s the cover and blurb!

Photographer, Meaghan Boulton thinks a steamy one-night stand with a member of the bridal party is a good idea. And it is…until the ghost of a missing child shows up in the wedding photos, and her one-night stand turns out to be a cop who now suspects her of being involved in the child’s abduction. 

Eli Jones is having a rough week. The woman of his dreams–the woman he’s been infatuated with since high school–skips out of his hotel room after the hottest hook-up of his life. Worse, she’s got information on a kidnapping that she couldn’t possibly have–unless she’s involved or what she says is true and she’s a witch. 

Despite the cloud of suspicion hovering between them, they need to work together to find the missing child. When it’s over, will anything be left of their passion to salvage?

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