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I’ve been a bad, bad, very bad blogger. My oldest son is taking driver’s ed. I signed him up for a program at the suggestion of a friend and because this particular program requires parental interaction. Normally, I think parental interaction is a fine idea. I prefer to be involved if for nothing else finding out what techniques are being used and how I can best help my son when he’s not in class.

Oh, if I only known how much interaction it required before I’d paid my four hundred bucks.

So far, I’ve taken several written tests and a driving test. I’ve been quizzed, I’ve watched movies (cried during the ones where kids died and I had to watch other parents’ anguish), sat through endless hours of class, rode along while Killian drove and tomorrow is the state test. Hope I pass…

Ultimately, if it makes my kid a better driver, I’m willing to fall on this particular grenade. I’ll bitch about it, of course, for that is what I do. But on the chance that it’ll make a difference, I’m okay with it.

But now, there’s this.

Thursday is the Driver’s Ed Potluck. Seriously?!? It’s not enough that I attended every class, took every test, incorporated every rule, but now they want me to cook for them?!?

What pisses me off more than anything, is that one of the other kids in this class stole my beautiful, precious iphone from my (unzipped) purse. I know, stupid me for leaving it unzipped, but I never would have thought anyone would be that ballsy. I was wrong, and I’m out an iphone. The last thing I want to do is feed the entitled little shit who helped him/herself to my phone.


0 thoughts on “Driver’s Ed Is Kicking My Ass

  1. Parental interaction in driver's ed. I've never heard of anything so bizarre.

    But in said crazy class's defense, California cut driver's ed a few years after I graduated HS and now no one knows the unwritten rules of the road. (Like pull completely to the right when making a right-hand turn so people who are going strait can go around you – or pull into the intersection when making a left-hand turn so that at least the two peeps behind you can get through the signal along with you – or my favorite: Use your F()C%!N& turn signal!!)


    For the potluck, make a big sheet cake with these words: “And to the kid who took my iphone, I hope you choke.”

  2. *straight
    Yeah, I write.

  3. Chris says:

    I LOVE Genella's idea. LOVE IT.

  4. I was going to say, feed the little snot some special food packed with Ex-Lax…but I like Genella's idea!

    My daughter just finished Driver's Ed and now has to wait 6 months before she gets her license.

  5. You should make a cake in the shape of an iPhone. Give it a sad face, too.

  6. Ooh what a great idea Genella! Much better than hanging them all upside down from the ceiling and shaking them until it drops out of their pocket.

    You're such an awesome mom!

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