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To celebrate one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written, (I seriously love Rory and Tristan), I thought I’d share the first chapter and have a little giveaway. To be entered, comment below, and for extra entries, please share on Twitter!

Here’s my inspiration for Rory…

Dear god…Hugh Dancy.


Wait…I was supposed to be doing something. Right. The giveaway post.

FA - Hugh Dancy

Chapter One of Drawn that Way

Tristan Weaver slid the finished survey across the break room table to her friend, Clover.

“Are you seriously going to submit that comment?” Clover asked, her brown eyes wide.

Tris shrugged. “Why not? It’s true. I haven’t seen a single female character come out of this company that wasn’t drawn like the average uni boy’s wank fantasy. Giant, gravity-defying boobs, waists so small they couldn’t possibly hold up those chests and giant bubble arses—all I’m suggesting is a little diversity. A more realistic view of women in video games. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

She leaned forward, warming to the subject. “And, while they’re at it, they could give them some armor. All the male characters have full protection. The best a female character gets is maybe a crop-top-style breastplate and a Xena skirt. That tells me they’re there for visual interest for men—not as viable characters.”

“Hey, now. There are some girls,” Clover said, pointing at herself, “who dig a scantily clad female as much as any guy.”

Tris smiled. “I know, but don’t you get tired of having one ideal shoved down your throat all the time?”

Clover nodded, her pink and purple pigtails bouncing. “I do, but I’m just worried about expressing that opinion here. I’m not saying you’d be fired for having a differing view, but you haven’t been here that long, and it could make things difficult. Jobs are hard to come by, right now.”

“Yeah…I know.” Tris hadn’t even been working there for six months, and she had a metric crap-ton of student loans to pay off. She couldn’t afford to lose her job. Of course, her parents kept telling her they’d pay off her loans if she’d move back to Wales. But the whole point of getting her citizenship when

her student visa expired was to stay in the States. She sighed, weighing her options. “But, we were asked for our input on the new game storyboard and artwork. Brecken Games definitely has a type.”

“More like Rory Brecken definitely has a type. Did you see the parade of models he interviewed last month?” Clover laughed and took a swallow of her Coke.

Tris rolled her eyes. “One tall blonde with ginormous tits after another.”

“Well, the last one must have been the winner. She was still here at midnight when I left that evening. And, judging from the noises I heard on my way out, she was winning in more ways than one.”

“Oh, please…with him? Seriously?”

Clover’s eyes widened. “There’s a reason he only uses one model per character. Apparently, he ends up banging a lot of them during photo shoots, and from what I’ve heard, he doesn’t do relationships.”

“Well, that I can see. The guy barely speaks. I mean, he’s good looking in that distracted artist kinda way, and he’s got that intense, nerdy thing going on. But I just don’t see women falling all over him.”

Tris could admit to herself that she found him vaguely attractive and weirdly compelling, but he was definitely not her type. She preferred her guys clean-cut and ripped—footballers were more her speed. Rory was none of those things, but he still made her stomach flip if she thought too much about him. He had dark, wavy hair that almost always looked as if it was a month past needing a haircut, a closely trimmed beard and black-frame glasses that made him look like a cross between a disgruntled hipster and a disapproving professor. It was the disapproving professor vibe that often had her squirming in her seat.

Her friend scooted closer, drawing Tris’ attention away from her sudden need for alone time. “Just telling you what I’ve heard. Oh, and I guess he’s a little kinky, too.”

“He is not,” Tristan said, stifling a snort. That was pushing the boundaries of her belief a little too far. However, now, the disapproving

professor fantasy was back full-force. And, thanks to Clover planting that perverse little seed in her head, Tris suspected she was going to need some quality time with her detachable showerhead, tonight.

Clover just nodded.

“What kind of kinky?” Before Clover could answer, Tris held up her hand. “You should know that if you tell me feather ticklers, blindfolds, whipped cream and strawberry syrup, I’m going to be severely disappointed in your idea of kinky.”

She’d been disappointed in a former boyfriend’s idea of kinky, too. When she’d suggested they try something a little edgier in the bedroom, she hadn’t anticipated ending up with a yeast infection and having her favorite sheets stained.

The other woman rolled her eyes, and was that a blush coloring her cheeks? “The things I’ve heard from some of the models are way more hardcore than feathers.”

“Like what?” Just once, she’d like to try something that was a sharp left from Vanillaville. It wasn’t that she objected to conventional sex—good sex was good sex. But some days, she wanted something more. Something a little different. As her dirty Tumblr would certainly attest. Taking a deep breath, Tris sat back in her chair, took a sip of coffee, and tried not to sigh as she waited for Clover to spill.

When the other woman didn’t elaborate right away, Tris continued, “So, what…how intense are we talking? Spanking? Flogging? Bondage?”

Clover cleared her throat. “They’ve all been mentioned.”

Crossing her legs, Tristan took another swallow of coffee and hoped to dull the damp ache pulsing between her thighs. God, she needed to get laid. It had been far too long. For just a minute, she tried to imagine the practically pathologically reserved Rory Brecken doing any of the things she’d just listed, but D/s sex and the owner of Brecken Games didn’t belong in the same sentence—let alone the same thought.

Her friend tilted her head to the side and stared at her.


“Just wondering what you’re thinking.” Clover twirled one of her brightly colored pigtails around her finger.

“I dunno. I can’t see it. I can’t even imagine him talking dirty to a woman, let alone tying one up.”

The sound of feet scuffling at the door dropped Tris’ stomach to the vicinity of the floor, and she whirled to look behind her.

Fucking hell. Rory Brecken stood in the doorway holding a folder and his ever-present travel mug. How long had he been standing there? How much had he heard?

He nodded at Clover then turned to Tris and nodded at her, too, pinning her with his steady gaze. If he knew what they’d been talking about, he gave no indication, just broke eye contact and moved into the break room and slid his mug under the spout of the coffee maker.

Both women stood. “I should get back to that code,” Clover muttered. “It’s not gonna write itself.”

As she left the room, Tris discreetly folded the survey in half and headed for the door.


In the nearly empty room, his voice seemed to resonate, sounding a little rough, as if he didn’t use it often. Hearing her name in that gravelly tone sent shivers along her spine. She hoped like hell he hadn’t noticed.

Pasting on a smile she wasn’t close to feeling, she turned around. “Yes?”

He stared at her for what couldn’t have been more than a few seconds, but it was long enough to convince her that he’d heard every word they’d said about him. Her stomach lurched as her nerves rioted with anxious regret. She and Clover had no right to discuss his personal life. What he did or didn’t do with his character models was none of their business, and she felt like an arsehole for prying.

She was about to say as much when his gaze dropped to the table then lifted back to hers. “You forgot your coffee.”

(End of Chapter One)

So…anybody ever catch you talking about them? Saying something bad? Saying something good? Share with the class!

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  1. Pansy Petal says:

    I can’t think of any such incident. I try not to gossip and am more likely to say something to the person’s face than behind their back. I tend to be that outspoken and in your face. That being said, no one is perfect, and it is very possible at some point it happened. The ol’ grey matter just ain’t what it used to be.

    This sounds like a fun story. I look forward to reading it. It is waiting for me on my kindle. I need to go read now. Thank you. aka Becky

    1. Pansy Petal says:

      BTW, I don’t tweet, but will share elsewhere. 😀

    2. Bronwyn says:

      Thank you for commenting! And for picking up DTW! I hope you enjoy it! *HUGS Becky* 🙂

  2. Timitra says:

    Yes, it happened once

    1. Bronwyn says:

      Thanks for entering, Timitra! 🙂

  3. Limecello says:

    OMG Hugh Dancy. Although … :X he became such a mess in Hannibal …
    And … heh yes. Let’s be honest – who HASN’T been caught out before? It was never anything big, but I’ve been caught before. My friends are also assholes 😛 so sometimes it’s “hey did you hear? XYZ has a thing and will be held up” – and as you’re saying it, said individual is walking up and all they hear is their name and your friends try to make it a big deal and throw you under the bus. … >.> Just me/my group? :X

    1. Bronwyn says:

      LOL – not just you and your group, I promise! Yeah…I don’t know what it says about me, but I might totally have a thing about the utter mess he is on Hannibal. 😉

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