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The end of the school year is winding down and I’ve been completely crazypants trying to keep up with everything.

Killian graduates from high school next month, and Corwin graduates from 8th grade. I’m trying to plan Killian’s grad party and if I learned anything from throwing my mom a surprise birthday party in March is that I hate planning parties.

I don’t mind going to parties. I don’t mind bringing a dish to pass, but I hate planning parties. There’s “food math” involved and logistics. And anyone who’s read this blog more than once knows that neither math, nor logistics, are my friends.

Or schedules, really.

So basically, I’m pretty much screwed, here.

But I did finally get around to ordering Killian’s senior pictures. The ones we had taken way back in October. o.O And they look great. And we did plan a menu for the party. So…that’s something.

I think mostly this is all about me hating change and not being ready to have one kid in college and the other in high school. I’m not ready for them to grow-up. I realize that’s the point of the whole thing, but dealing with it gracefully doesn’t seem to be in my skill set.

I think it’s one of the reason’s Maurice Sendak’s death hit me so hard last week. One more constant from my kids’ childhood is gone. But, even though it makes me rashy and nervous, change is inevitable, and I’m proud of the men they’re becoming.

Now, it’s time to make sure Corwin has everything for his field trip to Washington DC. His idea of essentials and my idea of essentials compromise two very different lists. Any guesses as to which one of us has deodorant at the top of the list?

0 thoughts on “Changes on the Horizon

  1. Chris says:

    *HUGS* Hang in there…

  2. Donna says:

    The swing set moving away and Maurice passing may have put things over the top when added to all that goes into graduations…like the necessity of leaving a big stack of blank signed checks on the table to cover trips and fees and caps and gowns and gifts and pictures, etc, and it can be just too, too much.

    Now I know this doesn't happen often in your world, sweetie, but I think you fall into the 'normal' realm with this.


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