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Okay, so in my dream, I was pulling my car into my driveway. Of course, being all dreamy, it really wasn’t my driveway. Alongside this driveway was a pond where my friend’s two year old daughter, Amelia, was playing with her grandmother sort of keeping an eye on her. Not a close enough eye, in my opinion because Amelia was laying on her belly and pulling rocks out of the water using her mouth.

Most of the rocks were those icky stones that had been dyed unnatural colors. But, I have to admit they looked quite pretty in the water with the sunlight shining on them through the trees. Amelia waded into the water which was deeper than I expected, so I pulled her out and brought her to my car where I knew I had more rocks for her to play with.

I opened my car door and reached for a rock that looked like it had wavy lines of sedimentary deposits only when I touched it, those lines turned into squirming worms embedded into the stone. Then the rest of the rocks that were in my car turned into a giant mass of writhing nightcrawlers and worms. They filled the entire interior of my car. And they stunk something awful.

This is where I jolted awake with my heart pounding and my body shaking. I’m not afraid of worms or nightcrawlers so I’m not sure where the fear response came from and I’ve got no clue what this dream means. WTF? Thoughts? Comments? Apocalyptic prophecies?

(No, I didn’t eat anything weird (or at all) before I went to bed)

0 thoughts on “Calling All Dream Interpreters…yes…again.

  1. got me? Stress in general?

  2. Anny Cook says:

    Betrayal? Something that really isn’t what it seems?

  3. Maybe you should start eating before you go to bed.

  4. Penises. (Peni?) One eyed worms. Yep, that’s my guess. I mean, come on, rocks and worms? Jeez, you needed help with this one?

  5. Okay…you already answered my question!

  6. Sandra Cox says:

    I liked your dreams till the rocks turned into worms…..

  7. KellyMarstad says:

    Clear water: clear vision. Pretty rocks, in this case, refer to the purpose of them. The kid pulling them from the water without real supervision. You having them in your car etc.This is your maternal instinct of seeing a problem clearly and knowing how to protect the child who needs care. You have the qualities and the resources to fulfill the little girl’s developmental needs.The problem is that you doubt yourself. While you know and have confidence in your ability to care for her, to meet her needs, you feel inadequate to the task right now. You feel as though the things you touch aren’t going the way you expected and often turn out as errors. Plans that backfire.The solution is clear and simple. You have the traits needed for the job. But lately you feel like everything you touch goes wrong. Not just in your professional life but your personal one (hence the personal tie to the child and the driveway). You are temporarily stopped in the road.Get back in the car, Bron, and keep driving with your pretty rocks. It’ll work out. Especially if you start believing in yourself again.Love you!

  8. Ashley Ladd says:

    Um…I don’t have the foggiest. In fact, I just started a dream journal this year per my daughter’s suggestion which has been interesting, but so far, I don’t have any insight – and no good new story ideas from it.

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