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So, this week’s post is supposed to be a brain dump of what’s on my mind. Considering my brain is an endless loop of dialogue snippets, song lyrics and half-remembered tasks, I can’t promise you a lot of cohesion. Or probably any, really.

Welp, here goes…

I just noticed that the cats are sleeping on the laundry that’s folded on the dining room table which means that they’ll probably have to be rewashed it because A.) it’s summer so the cats are shedding something fierce and B.) probably everyone in this house will continue to walk by the piles, oblivious to the fact that they need to put away their damn clothes.

I miss all my retreat people, and I want to be back up north with them. sigh

Take the bullets out your gun! The bullets out your gun! (What?) We move under cover and we move as one. Through the night, we have one shot to live another day. We cannot let a stray gunshot give us away. We will fight up close, seize the moment and stay in it. It’s either that or meet the business end of a bayonet. The code word is ‘Rochambeau’, dig me? (Rochambeau!) You have your orders now, go, man, go!

Remember I said there were endless song lyrics in my brain? That paragraph up above is proof. That’s part of Guns and Ships from Hamilton, and it’s been cycling through my head for days.

Oh…speaking of Hamilton, look what my son, Corwin, drew me for my birthday! I thought it turned out really well!

The Story of Tonight by Corwin Riley

And while I was up north with no internet and very, very little cell phone coverage, my husband and one of my brothers got us tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago in March! It’ll be my one brother, his two kids, our sister, me, and my two kids. My husband tried to get a ticket, too, but they were selling out too quickly, so he decided to just get ours because he wanted to be sure we saw it. That, my friends, is true love.

True love reminds me that I’m really loving the story I’m working on and I can’t wait to share it with you. Now that my meds are no longer a nightmare and I’m not fighting through brain fog daily, writing is fun again! Yay for drugs that actually work!

Oh, I realize this has nothing to do with anything else (welcome to my head), but I decided to try keeping a bullet journal in addition to my planner. I’m not sure it’ll help me become more organized, but it might help me stay on track project-wise. This is my journal and my key. I don’t know if it’s going to help, but hope springs eternal and all that.

Also, I’m geeked because I’ve had this fabric for ages, and I finally got to use it.



Oh, and speaking of making things, I started a new sweater. Yes, I know I haven’t finished the last one, yet. And I know that I’ve not yet mastered socks, which I swear I will by the end of the year. But this sweater looks pretty simple and it’s a good portable project. It also doesn’t require five needles like the socks do. And as I learned on the way home from retreat, knitting with five needles while traveling in a car is not the cleverest thing I’ve ever attempted.

But here’s the sweater. I’m making it longer. And the sleeves will also be longer because those sleeves are dumb. And mine will have thumbholes. Because I really like thumbholes in my longsleeve things. Also, I will try not to walk around with that “Did you really just say that?” expression on my face like this model. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ll probably have that expression a lot.


Oh, and mine won’t be gray. I’m using this yarn. Yes, it’s Downton Abbey yarn. What of it? Mostly I just really liked the color, the weight, and the feel. Also? It was on sale.


And this is how far I am on it.




And Peggy!

See? More lyrics.

I need to go get some words written to stay on track. And I also need to make supper. And finish putting together my presentation for a writers group on Saturday. But, this has been a brain dump edition of this blog.

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8 thoughts on “Brain Dump: What’s on your mind?

  1. Chris says:

    That is a great drawing! And VERY cool about Hamilton!

    I recognize that journal cover style. 😀

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I liked yours so much I decided I needed one, too! 😀

      I’m super excited about getting to see Hamilton. I feel like by the time March rolls around, I’m going to be unbearably obnoxious. 😀

  2. Kris Norris says:

    I love your journey… and I love the one I got all oranges and browns and tress. So me! And I love that wool and that sweeter… go you. Note to self. Perhaps knitting is worth trying…. yeah, that might end in a tragic needle incident.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I’ll teach you to knit if you want. You just have to promise not to stab me. 😉

  3. Pansy Petal says:

    I love this look inside your chaotic mind. Kind of reminds me of mine. 😛

    You have only TWO sweaters going? Not bad. I believe my count is currently at three. Finally finished one and passed it on to my sister a couple weeks ago. But it is summer! Almost too hot for sweaters. Today anyway! But socks . . . I do mine on only four needles. They are wonderfully portable. I don’t have a pile of yarn (either worked or unworked) in my lap. Nice summer knitting projects. Everyone I know has at least one pair of my socks. But that Downton Abby yarn . . . very nice. Where did you find it on sale? 😀

    Can’t wait for that next book.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with chaos in her head. Yep – just two. I figure I’ll bring the sweater and the socks up north when we go on our family vacation. That way, I’ll have my choice of projects for whatever the temp is.

      Oh! I got it at Meijer. It was on an endcap. It’s got a great feel to it. I’m pretty sure it’s 75% and 25% wool. (I usually like my sweaters to be relatively washable.) 🙂

      Hopefully, you won’t be waiting too long for it!

  4. Gwen Cease says:

    I love Hamilton!!!!! I am so jealous of your ticket. I want to see it. *sigh* And the fabric is amazing and I love the cover you made. Your sweater is going to be even more amazing. I started one for Sis, but . . .yeah, it’s still a work in progress. As is about 5 other knitting projects. Oh and I love the yarn you picked out for the sweater. I usually buy yarn by touch, which is what I did when I went to the last fiber festival. It’s a periwinkle color and is so soft. And that was my tiny brain dump. 🙂

  5. I’m so happy for you that you get to see Hamilton!

    I LOOOOOOVE the fabric on your journal! That looks great!

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