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This probably should have been called the “Work Edition” because it’s kind of on my mind constantly–and some of it isn’t even my work.

For instance, last month, my daughter got the job she’d been hoping for working in mental health with at risk kids and young adults. She also asked to be cross trained in the addiction and high acuity units, and she’s loving that, too.

My husband is in the final stages of interviewing for a job that would be a great fit for him–so please, cross your parts, everyone!

And I’ve been working my ass off. Between edits, audio preps and writing, I feel like I’m constantly on my computer, but I’m not bitching. And I feel like I’ve found something that resembles balance.

There will be a new Bound book coming later this year. Plus I’ll be rereleasing an old favorite. And I’ll be expanding a fun project that I did in the lovely Lucy Score‘s group. AND I’m doing a three month long newsletter story for Eden Books, and you can get it by subscribing to the EB newsletter.

Here’s the blurb and the cover if you’d like to check it out!

Bailey Fisher is having a rough start to her week. Thanks to the new roommate from hell, she’s discovered that not only is her laptop missing, but she needs a HAZMAT suit to safely navigate her kitchen. And her morning goes from bad to worse when she realizes that the car she took out her frustration on isn’t her roommate’s. It belongs to the hot guy across the street, and Bailey’s having a terrible, horrible no good very bad day.

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One thought on “Brain Dump – April Edition

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    I love that you’re finding balance. I really think that’s the key to everything. And yay for daughter and husband. I’m sending positive vibes their way.

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