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For those of you who have been wondering if Corwin’s birthday party guests made it through the night alive, the answer is: barely.

They didn’t got to bed until after 1am. No big deal – it’s a birthday party. However, the little shites woke up at 5:something am and stayed awake. Not only did they stay awake, but they woke up everyone in the house repeatedly. Apparently keeping noise to an acceptable level required far too much effort. One of the kids was (understandably) surly and didn’t take kindly to my annoyance with them. He pouted, said I was mean and they could do whatever they wanted because it was a birthday party. I told him that that actually, he couldn’t because it was my house. He informed me that it wasn’t my house, it was my husband’s house. Corwin just looked at him, shook his head and said, “Dude, you so shouldn’t have said that.”

A lengthy discussion ensued.

Before I brought the kids home, I stopped at Starbucks and got some desperately needed coffee. Isaac, the surly kid, wanted coffee, too. I told him that I wasn’t about to reward him for being rude, and that if he was tired it was his own fault. He sulked for the entire twenty-five mile drive to his house. Apparently, he was still pissed at me the next day because he announced to Corwin’s entire art class that I’m racist.

Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? Corwin, ever one to stand up for truth and my honor, yelled that I wasn’t and kicked him. Now, I’m not particularly violent, but I kinda want to kick this kid myself. Little jerk.

In other non-annoying child news, there are a couple contests going on right now. Yesterday’s post involves a joint contest with me and Paige Tyler. And the super awesometastic Chris is giving away a copy of my latest release, Immortal Curse on her equally super awesometastic blog.

And, last but not least, we’ve been writing open letters to our muses all week at Writer’s Evolution, come check it out!

0 thoughts on “Birthday Party Wrap-up and Other Bits of Randomness

  1. Chris says:

    I want to kick the kid, too. Maybe we can form a waiting list. Sheesh!

    Aww, thanks – I might have to use that quote for my blog burbage! 😉

  2. Oh boy. Yep, little Isaac needed his butt kicked. Rascist? Lordy, where'd he come up with that?

  3. If it hadn't been “racist” it would have been something equally dumb like “she hates children” or “hates boys” or something.

    Every story needs a bad guy, and people love to point the finger anywhere but at themselves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    All I'm going to say is… just another reason to love that kid of yours. Go Corwin!!!!


  5. mamatulip says:

    Holy shit…I'm officially scared of sleepovers now.

  6. Brynn Paulin says:

    Ugh… It was probably the worst thing he could dredge up in his little pea brain. You? Racist? That's as big a lie as saying you don't ever breathe. Little brat.

  7. If anyone is due a label, it's little Isaac. He is a sexist.

    Kick him once for me, Corwin!!


  8. @ Chris – feel free to use that quote. 😀 I think we're getting quite the line going to kick the kid. Although, I think maybe kicking his dad is the place to start…

    @ Regina – I have no freaking clue, but you can bet if he's in my group for the big field trip coming up, we're going to have a talk.

    @ Marg – The kid definitely knows me well enough to pick something that's going to bug me.

    @ Kris – Awwww thanks, hon. He is pretty freaking awesome. 🙂

    @ MamaT – They're not so bad (take your valium beforehand) it's just that middle schoolers have a special kinda sucky going on sometimes.

    @ Brynn – Thank you honey {{Hugs}}

    @ Genella – You've gotta get in the 'Dad' line with me. That's where that little slice of hell comes from.

  9. Chris says:

    *adds quote to my EverNote*

  10. Who is this kid? What a rude little…! “We can do anything you want because it's a birthday party”! Who taught him that life lesson??

    I don't know whether to pity his parents or wonder what on earth they're thinking.

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