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I’ll be making my famous (read the only thing my family trusts me to bring) green bean casserole in a few hours and trundling off to my cousins for Thanksgiving. Holidays with my family involve anywhere from 40-70 of us cramming into one of our houses, (darn…ours is too small) eating all our favorite foods, laughing until we cry and loud, lively conversation. I’m looking forward to it. My family can be a little crazy at times, but I wouldn’t trade them.

I’m sure my cousin will think it’s a great idea to go around the room and talk about what we’re thankful for. There are far too many things to list at the supper table, but I’ll tackle them here.

Let’s see…

My kids – I never knew it was possible to love anyone so much.
My hubby – He makes me laugh, pisses me off and I’m more in love with him than ever.
My family – The epitome of unconditional love – no matter what.
My friends – See above. I truly have the best friends in the world.
My kitties – Comfort, amusement and love – wrapped up in a furry purry package.
My jobs – I’m lucky enough to get to do what I love.

Those are the big ones. Then there are the other random bits I’m thankful for – in no particular order:

Baby belly laughs, dark chocolate, Starbucks, riding in cars with boys, computers, books, e-books, music, Supernatural, (no really) squirrels, Coke, baklava, JoAnn Fabrics, my favorite authors, my favorite bloggers, LOLcats, thunderstorms, my sewing machine, ren faires, wind chimes, hot tea and Welsh cakes, snuggling, sleeping in, daffodils, violets, lilacs, kitty purrs, sinks that drain, all four seasons, the internet, bats, cwtching up under a blanket, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, Squishy, my crockpot, lakes, trees, rocks, peace, acceptance and love.

This is by no means an exhaustive list – just the things that are rattling around in my brain at the moment. I hope you all are able to enjoy all of the things you’re thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!

0 thoughts on “Being Thankful

  1. Jason says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet Bronwyn. 🙂 I love you!!

  2. Amber Skyze says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Bron!

  3. Hugs and happy Thanksgiving, Bronwyn!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! May it be everything you want it to be, and pie too.

  5. Chris says:

    SQUIRRELS?!?! #$*(#)!!

  6. Totally sweet, Bron. Happy holidays! Your family sounds amazing.

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