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This week, the Wednesday Random Bloggers welcome our latest member – the spectacular Gwendolyn Cease!
As a lot of you might know, Jess Jarman and Jenny Trout and I have been recapping the BBC TV show, Merlin. What you might not know is I’m an Arthurian lit junkie from way back – pretty much since childhood thanks to bedtime stories from my mom. It’s just a fascination I’ve never grown out of. And I’m cool with that. 
I’ve even written a couple Arthurian based stories – Ronan’s Grail from Ellora’s Cave and Mist and Stone from Totally Bound. Now, I’m doing a new one. This one had started out as a young adult story, but it really wasn’t coming together the way I’d hoped. But, I realized if I aged the characters up, a little, it might work better. And so far, it is. 
The anthology, If Ever I would Leave You, was Jess’ idea – all of us using the Arthurian legends as framework with contemporary settings. Since I had this story I was already working on, it seemed like a good fit. I’m super excited about this project. I’m still working on it, so I don’t want to jinx myself, but I can tell you that it involves Avalon, a sailing accident and the heroine falling for someone she really shouldn’t. 
When I think of Liam, the guy our heroine shouldn’t be falling for,  I think of Sam Claflin. To be fair, I think of Sam Claflin other times, too. If I’m honest, I ‘d have to say that I think of Sam Claflin a lot. But he’s who I picture for Liam. 

Look at those dimples! How could I not think of them!?

Oooohhhh. Serious Sam. I mean…Liam. Yes, that’s it. My character. Nothing else. Just…inspiration.

It was harder to find the right inspiration for Tabby, but Laura Donnelly works quite nicely.

She’s got that girl next door vibe going on, but she also looks like she could kick ass if need be.

And here’s a peek at Avalon.

I really need to put a play list together for these two, but I haven’t quite gotten around to it, yet, but given the angst in this relationship, I can’t help but think that Damien Rice’s Rootless Tree will be in heavy rotation.

Also, we’ll be doing a big old cover reveal for the antho, so if you’d like in on that, or just want to help us out because you’re awesome – please click here to sign up.

I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s projects. Just click on the name and it’ll take you to their project.


0 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of my Latest Project

  1. I just had to look at those pictures of the guys and I'm sold! 🙂

  2. Jess Jarman says:

    Oh, Sam Claflin… *fans self*

    Can't wait to read this. So excited. And now I get to picture him the whole time…woo

  3. Kris Norris says:

    That bridge… I'm still lost on that bridge… can't wait to read either. Have read both the others and well, who doesn't love an Arthurian novel?

    And I'm already signed up for the big reveal! Squeeeeeeeee

  4. J Q Rose says:

    What fun choosing your characters photos and location. Thanks for posting them too. Your story sounds like a winner! Best wishes…

  5. Tess Grant says:

    Sam Claflin! Was he in your celebrity crush blog? No matter. He's here now!

    Can't wait for the anthology. I'm off to sign up for the cover reveal.

  6. Thank you for the amazing welcome! And I'm so excited for the story. I love the Arthurian legend in any way I can get it so these stories make me very excited. Yah

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