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I’ve been hard at work on my next Bound book. It’s called Art and Soul, and it’ll be out this summer, sometime. I’ve gotta be honest. I’m just loving these two so much.

Two of the characters–one major and one minor–in this book are ceramicists. So, it’s all pottery, all the time. And now everyone in my life has to hear about how much I miss working with clay. Because I do. SO MUCH.

PS: Please enjoy the arms on this dude…

Meet Ellis Crawford. He’s an English ceramicist who’s an artist in residence at a university in the States.

And this is the other main character, Jasper Nolan. He’s a nurse, college student, and guardian of his teenage sister.

Here’s a short except from Art and Soul.

When he looked back at Ellis, he noticed the man had what looked like a t-shirt in his hand. “If you want, you can borrow this. It’s mostly clean.”

Jasper must have looked confused.

“I had it on for a couple hours before I changed into my work clothes—so, it’s mostly clean. Unless you fancy running around half naked.”

A startled laugh escaped him. “No, not really. I’d appreciate it…if you’re sure you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

Jasper took the shirt the other man offered and self-consciously pulled it over his head. The cotton was worn and incredibly soft, and it smelled like…comfort. There was the omnipresent earthy, metallic tang of clay, and beneath that, there was something else, something that made him think of sun-warmed grass and dark shadowed forests. He had no idea if that was some kind of cologne or soap or if it was just Ellis.

He pushed his arms through the sleeves. Whatever it was, he needed to shove it the fuck away. The last thing he needed was to develop an attraction to his sister’s teacher. That was the last thing she needed, too.

And here’s another.

Ellis laughed, but it strangled in his throat as he stared the other man’s exposed throat nearly overcome by the sudden urge to drag his lips along the strong column and taste the tempting hollow of his throat. Instead, he moved back to the table he’d been sat at earlier and began to rewedge the clay that was sitting on the bat.

What he really wanted to do was sculpt the long gorgeous line of Jasper’s neck. But that seemed like an altogether terrible idea for more reasons than he cared to think about. He absently began tugging and pulling at the clay while trying not to stare.

When he focused on what was taking shape beneath his fingers, he realized that it vaguely looked like two hands holding something between them. At least…it could be that. A trickle of excitement snaked along his spine. The sudden spark of creative energy sped his movements, and he grabbed a wooden rib from the box of tools on the table and rapidly refined the shape of the pot between what would become hands. Switching to a fettling knife, he sawed around the interior of the pot, hollowing it out slightly before smoothing the surface with a wet sponge.

Ellis turned his attention back to Jasper—well, to his hands, anyway. They weren’t overly large, but they were long-fingered, well-formed, strong. If he was being honest, they were hands he’d love to see around his cock—preferably guiding it into Jasper’s mouth. Ellis took a breath and shut his eyes. He needed to fucking focus on what he was doing. What he was here to do. Create material for a new collection. Not fantasize about a guy who, for all he knew, wasn’t even legal.

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6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Art and Soul

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    Wow! I am going to be busy reading this summer. This sounds like a must read too. Can’t wait.

    1. admin says:

      YAY!!! Honestly, I’m just loving this one so much!

  2. Gwen Cease says:

    I love this!! Can’t wait til it comes out. Write faster!! 🙂

    1. admin says:

      LOL! I’m trying. I promise!

  3. Kris Norris says:

    This book is so amazing. I can’t wait until it’s out there…. Ellis and Jasper for the win, baby.

    1. admin says:

      <3 <3 <3

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