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So I woke up this morning saying WTF?! (I’d like to preface the telling of this dream by saying I in no way hold any ill will toward either Portia Del Rossi or Ellen Degeneres. In fact, I love Ellen.

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled dream insanity.

In my dream, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi had a baby – unfortunately, Portia died and somehow I was given the task of raising this child. The baby and I had to stay in the hospital while hospital workers tried to extract breast milk from Portia using an Easy Bake Oven and ‘reverse gravity.’ Yeah…don’t ask – I have no clue.

This was no normal baby. He grew from an infant to a toddler overnight. He was incredibly active and kept breaking his only toy. When we’d go to visit Ellen, I mentioned it to her and instead of helping us out by replacing the toy, she just showed me where I could stand in line in the hot, hot sun with a cranky toddler to get it fixed using chewed gum and scotch tape.

Later I took the baby and my other kids to visit my mom – I thought she’d want to meet her new grandson. Instead of her neighbourhood, she now lived at the end of a two-track in the woods. Unfortunately, the road to her house was riddled with piles of hot tar and burning tires so I had to utilize stunt driving techniques I didn’t know I possessed.

When we got there, my brother’s girlfriend was hurling shoes (one of each pair that she owns – which holy cow, in real life is a metric ton – in the dream, it was never ending) at my brother and my mom. She stopped briefly when I came in with the kids, took one look at the baby, screamed and ran away.

So…thoughts? Comments? Apocalyptic prophesies?

Anyone? Anyone at all?

Oh hey!! Don’t forget about the Halloween contest! Free books, people! Free books!

0 thoughts on “Any Dream Interpreters Out There?

  1. kavita says:

    uhhhummm…i sometimes have one of those WTF dreams/ moments when i wake up. i can analyse your dream for you – seriously! by the way, did you notice that your dream had a LOT of female/feminine energy?

  2. Dakota Rebel says:

    LOL, I love you.I don’t have any interpretations for you, I just had to tell you that.XoXoXoD

  3. B.B. Walter says:

    I agree with the lots of feminine energy, but what I think is that you are facing something (some difficulty maybe) that could alter (represented by the baby/toddler)your present life in some manner. The obstacles (as well as standing in the hot, hot sun for a weird fix up) could indicate that. The shoe-hurling woman could mean you are also faced with people obstacles as well as environmental ones…‘Course, it could just be a WTF dream! 🙂Just my two cents 🙂

  4. KellyMarstad says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Laughed enough to spew cereal milk on the monitor. WARN SOMEBODY!!! And yes, I have intrepretations. Will email privately just in case you need to censure.

  5. Anny Cook says:

    Once in a while I have strange dreams, though not so far anything like this. Mostly, I think weird dreams are when we’re trying to work through something. In fact, that something may not be in anyway connected to the dream. But in that dreaming process, our brain works it out. At least it was entertaining.

  6. I know exactly what this dream means!It means that you took NyQuil before bed.Seriously, that reads like one of my cold-medicine dreams. Big time.

  7. Bron, what did you eat before you went to bed?LOL:) Was this in color?Maybe…you need a break from the kids??I also love you:)

  8. My thought was the same as Molly’s. No more pizza for you before bedtime.HUGS, sweetie!

  9. Cait says:

    Not only did you take NyQuil, you really have to stop listening to me and my lesbian drama woes. Go talk to mom, she’ll let you know how it’s this whole big thing that the Divine Feminine is awakening in your life and you’ve already given birth to a new project (I find it interesting that the baby is a boy) and now you’re surprised to talk care of it – because you had no idea it was coming. Also, her majesty tossing shoes about? That may have actually happened in real life and you just repressed it until now. Seriously though, lay off the NyQuil.

  10. I think it means all is not well in baby town, population your brother.

  11. Ashley Ladd says:

    Um…Not sure. I’ll have to get out my dream interpreting book later, but I have to take DD#2 to her softball game now. Sounds like an interesting dream.

  12. Any chance your sister-in-law is pregnant? Before each of my two former sisters-in-laws discovered they were pregnant, I had a strange dream that involved them reacting to a baby that was somehow connected to me. One discovered she was pregnant within a week and the other had just found out and had not yet told anyone in the family.Are they talking about children? The dream could represent the hardships you think they would face in raising a child.

  13. Cait says:

    I swear to Jesus if Her Majesty is preggers… I don’t even want to think about it.

  14. Sandra Cox says:

    Hmmm, I’d love to know what that dream signifies:)

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