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So, I’ve been crazy sick all week with my annual summer head/chest/throat cold. It sucks. Even more so since I have less time than usual to be sick. But the plague waits for no woman. Particularly not me.

I’m feeling marginally better. My chest still hurts, but hopefully, it’ll pass. Soon. I’ve got shit to do.

The list looks a lot like this:

1 anniversary celebration/date type thing.
2 graduation ceremonies to attend (Killian graduates from HS and Corwin from 8th grade) *sob*
1 graduation party to throw
8 graduation parties to attend
1 week long vacation to prep for
40,000 words to write before I leave

Yeah. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Please pass the Valium?

But on the plus side, during the month of May, I stayed mostly sane, edited 8 books and wrote 42,546 words!

0 thoughts on “An inordinate amount of my posts are entitled “Catching Up”. This is no exception.

  1. Chris says:

    Hope you start feeling better stat! And woot – look at all those words! đŸ™‚

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