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Ha! Trying to pick favorite songs is a lot like trying to pick a favorite book. Or favorite kid.
In order to tackle this post, I decided I needed to break it down into categories.
So…in no particular order, here are my favorite songs in their handy dandy categories.  And yeah, you’ll probably see a lot of repeated artists. Because that’s how I roll. 
And this is in no way all the categories – I just realized that I needed to dial it back otherwise this post would be Neverfuckingending. Because music.

Depression Combating Songs
Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root
Gang of Rhythm – Walk Off the Earth
Secrets – Mary Lambert
Let It Go – Indina Menzel
Summer Vibe – Walk Off the Earth
Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
Little Plastic Castle – Ani Difranco
As Cool As I Am – Dar Williams
I am My Mother’s Savage Daughter – Wyndreth Berginsdottir
I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono – Dar Williams
Maps – Hey Ocean
What’s Going On – 4 Non Blondes
Flinty Kind of Woman – Dar Williams
SuNu – Rising Appalachia
Wait it Out – Sarah Blackwood
Ojos Así – Shakira 

Angsty Songs
Rain King – Counting Crows
Rootless Tree – Damien Rice
In the Sun – Joseph Arthur
Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright/Jeff Buckley/Damien Rice
Collide – Howie Day
Say Something – Great Big World (also really love the Sarah and Gianni cover)
Blank White Page – Mumford and Sons
Walk on the Ocean – Toad the Wet Sproket
Both Hands – Ani Difranco
Rumour Has It – Adele
Iowa – Dar Williams
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
Turning Tables – Adele
Who Will Sing Me Lullabies – Kate Rusby
Ghosts That We Knew – Mumford and Sons
Angels Will Fall – Melissa Ethridge
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
Goodnight Elisabeth – Counting Crows
Broken Crown – Mumford and Sons
Wonderwall – Oasis (love Ryan Adams’ cover)
Something’s Always Wrong – Toad the Wet Sprocket
Celtic Folk Songs
I am Stretched on Your Grave – Kate Rusby
A Mháire Bhruinneall – Susan McKeown
The Kiss – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack
Brittonick – Circa Paleo
Calling Me Home – Kate Price
The Old Ways – Loreena McKennitt
Fiona – The Secret of Roan Inish Soundtrack
Siúil a Rún – Kate Price
The Queen and the Soldier – Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts
Dark Black Clouds – Circa Paleo
The Cobbler’s Daughter – Kate Rusby
The Knight at Dublin Castle – Darby Devon
Jamie – The Secret of Roan Inish Soundtrack
Santiago – Loreena MeKennitt
The Ships – Circa Paleo
Evacuation  – The Secret of Roan Inish Soundtrack
A Nighean Dubh – Susan McKeown
Peaceweaver – Kate Price
Cruel – Kate Rusby
Anachie Gordon – Loreena McKennit
The Road/The Dancing Mast – Circa Paleo
Bonny Greenwoodside – Susan McKeown
The Unquiet Grave – Kate Rusby
All Soul’s Night – Loreena McKennitt
Tideland – Circa Paleo
Eedjit – The Secret of Roan Inish Soundtrack
Hunting the Hare – Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts
Click the names below to see the other Wednesday Random Bloggers’ favorite songs.And below that, here are some of my favorite videos for some of these songs.

0 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Songs

  1. Jenny Trout says:

    For a second I thought you'd forgotten “I Am Stretched On Your Grave” and I was HORRIFIED. But then I saw it was there, so carry on, you big weird sad freak. Carry on.

  2. MissyMonster says:

    All I could think was there will not be a Hall & Oates song on there. I think you've traumatized me with this knowledge of your hate for them.

    However I will have to investigate these songs I do not know especially the Celtic ones. 😀

  3. You have great lists! I love that Secrets has hit almost every one of our lists. LOL

  4. Chris says:

    No Cloud Cult??? 😉

    “Pop! Goes the World” by Men Without Hats is one of my happy songs. 😀

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