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Okay, I’m guessing I just can’t say ALL THE FOOD and be done with it.

These aren’t things I indulge in everyday, for obvious reasons. But they’re things I love.

Cheese. I. Love. Cheese. Goat cheese, gouda, smoked gouda sharp cheddar, feta, blue, asiago, brie, string, provolone, camenbert – all the cheese. BRING IT. (And this is why I’d be a lousy vegan.)

Bacon. Super crispy. (See also: lousy vegetarian.)

Hummus. Garlic hummus, olive hummus, artichoke hummus, avocado hummus. Mmmmm hummus…

Gyros with tzadziki sauce. And I wouldn’t turn down a side of Greek fries. (Because fries and feta cheese.)

Pizza. My very favorite is kind is: artichoke heart, green olive, onion, mushroom, bacon, feta and garlic.

Salt and vinegar chips. These are my kryptonite. I think that only Tom Hiddleston sitting next to me discussing delayed gratification would keep me from wanting to strap them on like a feedbag.

Dark chocolate. I used to like all chocolate, but now I can only eat the dark stuff. The darker, the better.

As for drinks, I’m a hardcore tea drinker. I love hot tea, iced tea, herbal teas…all the tea.  Except mint and lemon. Because ewwwww.

Coke. I love it. But it’s the devil. So I only drink it very infrequently.

I don’t drink alcohol often, but I like wine. And also raspberry lambic.

So what are some of your favorites? Click on the names of the rest of the WR crew to see what their faves are, too!


0 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Food and Drink… a topic near and dear to my heart.

  1. Jess Jarman says:


    I blame my lapse on sickness and deadlines. Because, if I was in my right mind, bacon would never have been neglected.

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