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Today was Thing Two’s big winter field trip. Why would anyone plan a field trip in winter? In Michigan? In December? No freaking clue. But away we went to the state capitol.

Anyway, it was field trip day and I promised Thing Two that I would come along. We visited the Michigan Museum of Natural History and it was great. What wasn’t great was one of the extra children who’d been assigned to my group. This child had an inherent inability to stay put. I was constantly pulling him off exhibitions, dragging him away from employee only portions of the building and disappearing all together. To top it off, he kicked the back of my seat of an hour and a half on the way down there and an hour and a half on the way back.

Despite repeated threats to his continued existence, he couldn’t manage to remember not to kick me for more than five minutes at a time. Nor could he remember not to howl at the top of his lungs in near rush hour traffic. Drill Sergeant Mom shut that down, but the boy had a short memory. I fantasized about leaving him on the side of the highway. The other little boy in my car, while quirky and plotting world domination with my son, was sweet and listened fairly well.

Still, I’m going on barely three hours sleep, so I’m going to crawl in my nice toasty bed, but first I’m going to flog the contest!

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0 thoughts on “A day spent with 75 fourth graders or why I’m a fan of birth control.

  1. Ok, my personal belief is children should not be out in public until they are 18…

  2. Smut Girl says:

    Ah, I feel your pain. Those trips are fun, aren’t they? (*snort*). You are a brave, brave woman…

  3. Laura K says:

    I teach so I know all about field trips. They can be from hell, I know. Glad you survived!

  4. I feel your pain! My field trip from hell was 6 years ago, when I went with my then-4th grade son, to an outdoor Living History museum (Connor Prairie). My darling child decided to pester the characters about why they didn’t have modern technology, and when I finally got him stopped, another child in my group picked it up! I was ready to leave both kids behind in the Lanape Indian Camp…Contrast that with 3 years later. I went with my daughter, and had 4 girls in my group. They were delightful…until we got to the gift shop…then they all wanted stuffed animals. The boys had only wanted candy!

  5. Kelly Kirch says:

    Bless yer heart, darlin’. My sympathies… okay and a little laughter thrown in at your expense. I is so much smrter than agreeing to thet.

  6. Dear Dog, I didn’t realize until the end of the story that you were driving! I thought this was all bus. Oh, you poor, poor woman. I’d say that thing two owes you hot chocolate and a foot rub, at the very least.I was looking forward to eye candy today. Shall I send you some instead? He is rather more clean-cut than the hunks you usually feature, but it might be fun to have a boy next door for a change. I found him on a random modeling website.

  7. Anny Cook says:

    I remember those days well. Nothing so exciting as the state capitol. We went to the cemetary. Be glad you were in a building.

  8. Oh my gosh! The words “Field Trip” and “Winter” don’t belong in the same sentence unless they involve a visit to Starbucks for a “Vente Peppermint Mocha Non-Fat No-Whip.” But that trip is strictly rated R: Restricted to anyone under the age of 18 or without a job.

  9. Teaching is the worlds best birth control. I have 120 12-13 year olds cross my threshold each day. They ask if I have kids. I tell them, “No. I can’t have children because there isn’t a name left that doesn’t raise my blood pressure.”

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