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When I suggested this topic, it sounded like a good idea.

I was wrong, dear reader. I feel that a day in my life might bore you to tears.

Let me elaborate.

5:40 AM – Alarm clock goes off, husband hits snooze.
5:50 AM – Alarm clock goes off, husband hits snooze.
6:00 AM – Alarm clock goes off, husband insists that we get up or we’ll all be late.

Well, whose fault is that, snooze hitter?

6:02 AM – Stumble blearily and bitterly downstairs and check email and facebook while waiting for husband to get out of the bathroom.
6:20 AM – Brush teeth, take meds and get in the shower while husband wakes up children.
6:50 AM – Wake up older kid who feel asleep on the  couch. Point him toward the shower and fart around online.
7:05 AM – Remind younger child that school is mandatory and so are pants.
7:10 AM – Remind younger child that if he doesn’t move faster he’ll lose computer privileges.
7:15 AM – Walk up older kid who fell back to sleep on the couch after getting out of the shower and pour coffee.
7:20 AM – Herd children to the car.
7:35 AM – Drop off youngest at school.
7:55 AM – Drop off oldest at the bus stop (or have him drive himself if I don’t need the car.)
8:10 AM – Return home, play around on the internet and drink more coffee.
8:30 AM – Start a load of laundry.
8:40 AM – Stare hopelessly at my manuscript.
8:41 AM – Check Twitter.
9:00 AM – Make more coffee and stare at manuscript some more.
9:15 AM – Bargain with myself that if I get 500 words, I can have 5 minutes on Tumblr.
9:45 AM – Log in to Tumblr
10:20 AM – Release that my time management skills suck and that Tumblr is really shiny.
10:25 AM – Wallow in guilt and berate myself and promise to do better. Change load of laundry.
10:30 AM – Check mail (all three addresses)
10:35 AM – Put headphones in and actually write/edit.
12:30 PM – Look for something that looks like lunch.
12:45 PM – Check email, Twitter and Facebook (yes…I might have a problem.) and put something in the crockpot for supper.
12:55 PM – Write/edit
1:55 PM – Pick up oldest kid at the bus stop
2:45 PM – Pick up youngest kid at school
3:00 PM – Change out laundry and check on supper
3:10 PM – Back to the computer for more writing and social media checking, random house cleaning, phone calls etc.
5:00 PM – Husband comes home from work.
5:30 PM – Eat supper and hang out with fam and knit
8:00 PM – Possibly watch some TV (Monday is Merlin Club time!) read or write some more.
10:30 PM – Crawl into bed and wish I’d gone earlier.

Please note: my day also involves cleaning up a lot of cat puke at random intervals, sending and receiving a large amount of IMs and texts and also petting cats who think my laptop is their happy place.

Some days, I also get the added excitement of grocery shopping (I’d rather chew glass wrapped in tin foil) orthodontist appointments, therapy appointments and the occasional day off to visit friends or family. 

So…there you have it. There’s not a lot of excitement going on here. Let’s see what everyone else’s day is like. Click on their names to find out. And this week, we’ve got Jenny Trout joining us.


0 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of an Erotic Romance Author…Not as Exciting as Advertised

  1. Since I have no children as of yet my day starts and ends right here –> 9:00 AM – Make more coffee and stare at manuscript some more.

    Well, sometimes I make my husband dinner, too. *Sometimes*

  2. Wendy Qualls says:

    The best part is, this is the “default” day – where you have “the whole day to write.” On days where you have to actually, you know, DO stuff, all of a sudden those writing windows get smaller and smaller . . .

  3. Jess Jarman says:

    Bargaining with yourself. I know that game, sister. 🙂

  4. Yep, such glamorous lives we lead.

  5. Kris Norris says:

    Ah damn. I forgot the clean up cat puke part…and the “oh I'll just try one more thing' part.

    Feeling better that your days are a groundhog as mine. Makes me look not so bad… lol. Yes I will feel better that we both have boring shit.

    I'm not sorry.

  6. Chris says:

    I am CRUSHED to discover that your day is not FILLED with EXCITING ADVENTURES. 😉

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