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I’m not sure is this is other bloggers in general or the Wednesday Random bloggers, so I’m going with the Wednesday Random bloggers since they’re some of my very best friends. I’m not using descriptors like kind or caring or supportive or any of those things, because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be my friends. 🙂


Jess – Angst Lover, Obsessor, Procrastinator, Cussy

Kayleigh – Sardonic, Sassy, Funny, Honest, Insightful

Kris – Fitness Fanatic, Determined, Driven, Loyal

Jessica – Quirky, Unexpected, Film Lover, Deadpan

Kellie – Superhero, Knitting Master, Artistic, Journaler

Jen – Brave, Whovian, Joelist, Hilarious, Opinionated

Paige – Strong, Sweet, Excitable, Doctor Stalker

Gwen – Southern, Cat Lady, Craftoholic, Witchy

These are my friends, and I love them.


Here are Gwen and Kellie’s posts. It’s another week of deadline hell for everyone else, and also new baby sleepiness for one of our members.

0 thoughts on “5 Words or Less – Other Bloggers

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    You see me!!! LOL!

  2. Paige Prince says:

    DOCTOR STALKER?? It was one time! hahaha OMG I love you so hard.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      It only needed to be once. 😀

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