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So…it’s been feeling like I haven’t gotten a lot done this month, but looking at this list, I guess I kinda did.

For March, my goals were:

  • Complete all scheduled blog posts (Yep.7 scheduled–including 3 flash fics–and 1 extra post)
  • Complete all scheduled audio preps (Yep. 7 books)
  • Complete all scheduled edits (Yep. 3 books)
  • Finish short story (Nope. sigh)
  • Finish the last of the bathroom stuff (Yes! And here’s the proof.)
  • Have a nervous breakdown because my baby will be turning 21 (Nailed it.)

And as a bonus, I built a new website for Gwen.

For April, my goals are:

  • Complete all scheduled blog posts
  • Complete all scheduled audio preps
  • Complete all scheduled edits
  • Actually finish the short story
  • Figure out what I’m writing next
  • Get my tax crap together

So, what’s on your list for April? What are you planning to accomplish? Be sure to check out the other bloggers’ monthly check in posts.

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One thought on “Monthly Goals Check-In: March 2018

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    You are the greatest woman in the universe!! Thank you for my beautiful new website!!!!!

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