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Yes, I used this picture in my goals post last year.

No, I don’t care. Because it’s awesome. Also? Fisher Price Little People! The original ones!


Anyway, goals… No, wait.

First off, I want to say that I’m pretty damn pleased with how I did this year.

I didn’t miss a single blog post. (I never ever got perfect attendance in school. This is apparently my version of that.)

I wrote and published 4 books and 24 pieces of flash fiction.

I started 2 more books.

Got Round Table Author Services off the ground with Jess and Kris.

I wrote 219,011 words.

I blogged 42,171 words,

I edited 1,813,705 words.

I started eating healthier.


Okay, now my goals for this coming year. Let’s see what’s on the list.

Get a little more organized. (I did better this, year. But some things still fell through the cracks.)

Finsh the next YA novel.

Write 4 more Bound books.

Have another perfect attendance year for blogging.

Write another holiday short.

Continue to eat healthier.

Start fucking exercising. (Reminding myself that the goal is climbing Glastonbury Tor.)

Finish knitting my sweater so I can wear the damn thing.

Use my shiny new planner from Kayleigh and get better organized for 2016.

What are some of your goals? And be sure to check out the other bloggers’ goals by clicking on their names.







11 thoughts on “2016 GOALS

  1. Ooh! Goals!

    I have two: get the first three books of the series pubbed, and get the first YA finished & pubbed.

    Wait. There’s a third. Writing weekend (at least) with you!

  2. I want to see this sweater. Make it happen.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I swear, it will be done.

      (Now, I have Count Rugen in my head…)

  3. Kris Norris says:

    Start fucking exercising. I love how you sound so hyped up, lol. And fucking is exercise, just in case you were wondering. But I digress. You rocked it this year and I love your goals for next year. We shall journey forth… together!

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I’m not sure it’s hyped up. I think it’s more like pissed off – lol.

      Onward! To the future!

  4. Pansy Petal says:

    Congrats on doing so well on goals for 2015. You will rock 2016! I too have a sweater that needs finished. It is all knit, I just have to put it together. I need to find a nice pattern that doesn’t have several pieces. *sigh*

    My goals? Do more blogging. Okay, blog, period. Two posts in a year does not a blog make. Seems I have had that goal more than once. I really need to work on that .

    Get PansyRose Creations on line and working. I have some inventory, but it really does no good sitting in a box in my spare room.

    Actually follow through with my goals and quit sabotaging myself. I can do it!

    Okay, now I have written them down and shared them with someone. Maybe . . .

    1. Bronwyn says:

      YOU CAN DO IT!!! 😀

    2. Bronwyn says:

      But really, those are great goals!!!

  5. I’m cheering you on! *hugs*

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